GRIMM - Genome rearrangement algorithms

# genomes:      
Genome 1:
Genome 2:
Genome 3:

Multiple genome options

Tree size: Edge length proportional to distance       Total width of tree
Not proportional

Pairwise scenario formatting options

Report Style:
One line per genome
(chromosomes concatenated)
  One column
(chromosomes separated)
  Two column before & after
(chromosomes separated)
  Yes   Show all chromosomes
Only affected chromosomes
Show all possible initial steps of optimal scenarios
Highlighting style: Should operations (reversal, translocation, fission, fusion) be highlighted, and when?
Chromosome end
Color coding: Genes should be colored according to their chromosome in which genome:

GRIMM 2.01 by Glenn Tesler, University of California, San Diego.
Copyright © 2001-2006, The University of California.
Contains code from GRAPPA, © 2000-2001, The University of New Mexico and The University of Texas at Austin.

MGR 1.36 by Guillaume Bourque (now moved to McGill).
Copyright © 2001-2005.
Contains code from Phylip 3.5, Copyright © 1986-1995 by Joseph Felsenstein and the University of Washington.

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